I received a BS in Accounting from the University of NC at Charlotte in 1976 and although I never was employed in the accounting field my background has served me well over the last 30 years along with the small town and family values that I learned growing up in Burlington, NC.  I have been involved through ownership, management, funding or consulting with over 15 companies from startups to preparing packages for the sale of the businesses.  My background has been primarily in the janitorial business but has also included dry cleaners, cabinet manufacturing, stone fabrication, real estate investments, product distributors with 425+employees and sales of  $8m+  per year at times in the past.  Through the years I have also served on the board of directors for local and state organizations for profit and non profit and assisted in fundraising through golf tournaments, silent auctions and other areas of leadership.   Below are listed areas of expertise that I may be of help to you and your firm.


Assist in all aspects of forming a new company by developing logos, business plans, marketing, legal aspects of obtaining proper documentation and filings, establish necessary forms such as invoices, costing information, accounting, evaluation of cash flows and projections to track your success.


Ongoing needs to assist in handling the things that are necessary but are a nuisance that keeps you from doing what you do best and that’s  “make money”.


Preparing business plans to assist in financial needs, projections for growth and future needs, and pro formas for future sales.


Organize fund raising activities to maximize results and increase awareness of your organization or take the majority of the burden of performing an activity from your staff or volunteers.


Provide planning and organization for customer, employee or vendor appreciation outings.


Be an objective outsider with knowledge of what works as well as what doesn’t based on past experiences and an ability to think outside the box.


If you are the owner of a janitorial or service company, property manager or owner of a facility and need assistance in operations, preparing bids or analysis please see janitorial section of website for an extensive list based on over 30 years of experience.